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To create solid foundations and ensure continuity in the development of technique,
enrollment at Pacifc Ballet is for the entire season, September through June.*
Studying Classical Ballet Requires Commitment -- From Teachers, Students and Their Families.
Enrollment Information
Tuition payments are due and payable on the 1st day of the month due.

Payments received after 7:00 pm on 7th day of the month are late and will incur a late fee determined by the payment plan agreed upon per your tuition contract.

Teen & Adult class prices and information are listed separately.
Pacific Ballet offers several tuition payment options:
Full Season - Semester - Quarterly -  Monthly
Pacific Ballet accepts cash, checks, credit/debit cards and PayPal for tuition payments,  and requires a credit card on file for payment guarantee.**
Performance/Costuming fees, Summer Prograams & Intensives, Boot Camp, Workshops and Master Classes  are separate from the September - June tuition.
**PayPal and credit/debit card transactions  are subject to a 2.75%-3.75% fee.
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