Grace.    Discipline.    Technique.    Artistry.
   Whether pursuing a career or studying for self-enrichment, PACIFIC BALLET'S classes are designed to provide students  with  a deep understanding of proper classical technique principles, and terminology while  developing the emerging artist.
   Cecchetti method, augmented with Vaganova, is utilized to provide a comprehensive knowledge of the art of classical ballet in an environment encouraging self-esteem and positive competition.
   Class size and enrollment is limited to provide attention to each student. Every class has a heavy emphasis on terminology and technique, along with basic physics and anatomy, taught to give students a better understanding of movement principles and injury prevention through proper technique.
   Pacific Ballet offers both Leveled and Open Program Classes. The Open Program is for students  who are studying for recreational purposes or working their way toward the Protégé Program. Although recommended for reinforcement and advancement students enrolled in the Open Program are not required  to attend all the classes in their level. 

Preparation is Everything.

"Being classically trained, whether in ballet or in music or in a martial art, requies that you break down movements into their smallest components, practice and perfect those components through repetition, then reassemble them. Barre is the opportunity to work on ballet movements at the smallest, most elemental level. Center floor is where they get put back together. The newly reconstructed whole is always greater than the sum of its polished parts."
-- Eliza Gaynor Minden
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